Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What follows you?

They follow me where ever I go. No one believes me, but they are there. Lurking in the shadows, waiting for me to let my guard down . I cannot be vulnerable, they cannot make me the hunted. They are there I can feel them. With their black eyes, dark hair and long nails. Their eyes burn my skin and their nails touch my skin. If I turn around they are not there for me too see. I know they are there.

I walk alone on the road of life, only my dark companions to follow me. The pain I feel will make me free. I am scared of what I may see, in word, in blood, in life. They come closer at night when I lie alone in my bed. The breath of death they blow on me, and the sweat of lust fills me. How can I need this creatures that fills me with fear, they isolate me from mortal beings and they make me an outcast in my own home. I am not one for freedom, I am not for entrapment. My skin is pail with pain, my lungs black with smoke. They know they will get me soon, they stand closer every second.

They follow me trough life, they isolate me from love. I look behind me, above me, they are still all there. With morbid ideas, with painful pleasure, they promise it will be soon. May it come in silence, may it feel free. Can it take my body and leave my soul, to dwell on this earth and follow others. I will have pain black eyes, pail white skin, my blood will be cold and my heart will be gone.

Please can it come now, please can it be soon. I am so tired of them following me, so tired of tasting death.

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