Thursday, December 28, 2006

A pair of brown eyes

Chille was always a different little girl, but growing up in the underworld would have that effect on you. She had a pet bat and her doll was made of toe bones of a deceased woman.
Her Father was Grim, all know that dear old Grim will come and get ya if you die. But we need not always know what gets done with the waste parts that dear Mr. Grim does not need.
Well his little girl was a very cute girly, so sweet with her pitch black hair and her ruby red eyes. She was always so helpful round the house seeing that her mother disappeared one night. Well things like this happen in the underworld, so no real reason to panic.

Little Chille always dusted made the beds and cooked her dads favorite meal, maggot broth. He really appreciated his little girl and tried to give her the best life possible. She went to Ripper primary and was quite a popular child. The teachers loved her for her polite manners and her charming ways. She had lots of friends and they all loved her for her weird ideas and funky talking manner. Now in the underworld it became that time of year again, Grosivores(its almost like mortal xmas). The houses where decorated with fire and bones and anything creepy you can find. The kids truly enjoyed this time of year, they could eat bug chocolates all day and all the mothers made fly cake(Yum). The local choir sang the most beautiful horror songs of beast and monsters that will come eat you if you where not good trough the year. You could feel the joy and excitement in the air.

At school Miss Humbug asked her class to write a letter to Santa Crouch and tell him why they think they where good this year and what they would like for Grosivores. Santa Crouch came on a huge sled type thing with sculls of bad kiddies attached to it and it was pulled by three fire breathing dragons they where called: Rageolf, Spitfury and Killer(he was the scardycat he didn't like the heights). The kids where all exited, Chille's best friend Skyle asked for a baby dragon to taim so that she can make fire and fly to far off places. Little Chille wrote:

Dear Santa Crouch
I was good all year round. I clean the house and cook my dad's favorite meal everyday. I make the beds.
And I love my daddy allot.
Can I please get a pair of brown eyes, it can be any size, but it must be brown please.
Thank you.
All my deadly love
Ps: You know who my daddy is, so it would be nice if you listen to what I have asked.

The month went by so fast and before everybody knew it, it was Grosivores morning, all the kiddies ran down their stairs and you could hear the screams of joy down the street. Chille got up and first made coffee for her daddy. She walked calmly into their living room and there right under the burnt down tree decorated with bones. Two BIG brown eyes where lying. She gave a high pitch scream and ran out the front door.

The end.


Flutopia Unchartered said...

aw gawd this is nice!! we could illustrate this one drizz!!! hehe!! i love it! so kiddy but with a twist

etain_lavena said...

We will illustrate it, maybe this is our big break Flu, I have emailed you cause you went offline..
Bye friend