Wednesday, December 20, 2006

one step closer an the bunny gets it!!

The biggest hostage drama is playing off in Bunny land. All is fearful, the Geterate has invaded bunny land just over a week ago and all of the bunnies are fearful to go into the street. The leader of the Geterate is called Ghor. He is instructing all the monsters to steal, kill and destroy everything in Bunny land.

The little fluffy bunnies don't know what they will do to get their peaceful town out of the clutches of these monsters. Just two weeks ago they where all hoping along minding their own happy business. Eating sweet tender carrots, laughing with their little buckteeth and whiskers twitter twitter, without a worry in the world. The bunny news crew is actually enjoying all the action but they wont say it out load. The city is in chaos and they LOVE IT. President Hoppy Ho, is being held by Ghor and apparently if the Bunny army moves in to try and save him. Ghor pulls out this huge Automatic Gun and say: TAKE ONE STEP CLOSER AND THE BUNNY GETS IT. This is so rude, This is the president not just any old bunny. The army then swiftly backs off, we do not want any incidents in the presidents hole.....O No, O NO: they all say in army voices.

Now there was once a bunny hero, but he just disappeared of the carrot patch. He does not have e-mail, a cellphone and intelligence cannot get a hold off him. He disappeared like a big juicy carrot in the Humpy family(their over 300 now you know). We can always try with satellite tracking, maybe he still has the micro chip under his left ear, it was implanted for all bunny babies in the birth year of 1981....the bunnies are way before human technology, they just act all fluffy and cute. We have tracked him(wisker wisker): says the head of tracking. Ahhh splendid get him immediately. It felt like years passing, because all the bunnies was screaming and hopping down the sand banks....blood, hair, guts...eeewwww. Then they arrived with him(2hours, 22minutes to be exact), he was all ruffled and dreary, smoking weed is not very good for Rabbits you know. He believed it gave him an creative violent edge. In bunny land they don't really talk about weird things too much. It disturbed the equilibrium. Seeing that the hole patch is in the shit, I saw it worth a mention. Moving on, his name was Skye, he felt he needed a creative name, his parents never really got who he was. So he walked away when he saved bunny land last time and renamed himself Skye.

I will save you sorry bunnies one last time, but I want a weed plant on the other side of the patch. The captain was willing to give anything to get rid of the Geterate. So they shook their paws on it. Skye threw his weed sack over his shoulder and headed for the presidents hole. You need to take a gun, Ghor's gun is HUGE. Skye ignored them and hopped on humming and old beach bunny song. He just loved the band called beach bunnies. He came to the presidents hole. Ghor very quick to say: TAKE ONE STEP CLOSER AND THE BUNNY GETS IT. Skye just said: NO dude, chill, I come with fun in the sun, hop happy ideas and wisdom. Ghor not being the sharpest thinker looked and him funny. Skye took his bag of his shoulder an rolled a doobie, lit it took a deep puff and said trough his teeth: "Dude, smoke this it's good shit"

Three hours later when the army heard wild giggles and weird noises they ran into the presidents hole. Kill kill kill: they come in with guns and bazookas, and knives, shields. But to their amazement no war was happening today.

There in the middle of the floor Ghor, Skye and the president sits, playing a weird game of name the ant. The army arrested Ghor and he publicly giggled aloud and called off his troops. Skye got his weed patch way north. The president is in rehab till further notice, they find a new stash under his bed every day.

But all and all everybody is hoppy happy again!


lost said...

dis iets new vir jou, ne maaiki?
i like it... alot.

natural born killer bunnies..
lief ya ;)

NICKNAME said...

Very Very nice at first I was sceptical but as per usual you took ne into this bunny world and i loved it the mahem, the humour, the world. i just can't get enough of your writting!!

Flutopia Unchartered said...

it's the bunnies!!! nicely done drizz

etain_lavena said...

@lost, yes koeks very different for me, but I felt in the mood for something new.Lief u too maaiki
@nickname, thank you to win over the septics.
@flutopia thanks allot

Marra said...

Hahahahahahahaha...this is so kewl. The only downside is...we want more!
Must say you confused me in the beginning, I failed to get any kind of connection. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA I like it!

__Vee__ said...

AMAZING! Luv it Driz babe!

Hop Hop Hop ;)

etain_lavena said...

hhihihi...Thanks Veekie
Marra...ek flous in die begin.