Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Tinman

The locks on doors, will not keep me from the entries inside.
All locked savely inside.
The gate and fence will not stop me from getting to your heart.
Who stole your heart, who made you cry?
I will take your heart to keep save from what you let in.
The hollow body, skin and bone will be filled by what we need to learn.
My heart was stolen too, smile left aside, i need the key you hold.
Don't give away what you cannot afford.
I will be the robber, the thief to bring back the key.
The centiment will live on.
With trust I am here to stay, cause my hearts key was broken too.
I cannot forget the message in time, the dream when you smiled.
Your eyes soft and strong like a potion I drank.
Who bruised your heart, witches and magic men, will not keep me away.
Cause you stole my heart, your under my skin centiment starting to build.
Still the trust in me is scared but I know you will be there.
Keep the bandits and dragons away.
We will win the tinman, we will win them all.
The good, the bad, the indifrent.
Those who see our outside, those who frown at our souls becoming one.
Who stole your heart, turn down the walls, trow the armour away.
Forget the bandits and dragons.
Do not defend what I have overtrown.
Remeber the tinman he won't steal your heart again.
One day I will find it.
I pray.
Based on a song by Tracy Chapman, that was introduced to me by someone special.

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Anonymous said...

I have a lump in my throat,tears in my eyes, i can bearly see the screen, cause how is it that you can see into me. see my heart behind the cage? how do you do that? this mean so much to me, you are the best thing to happen to me!!!I'm gonna go now & CRY!!