Thursday, December 14, 2006

The hour moves

She watches the grandfather clock, she needs to check it every hour on the hour. She cannot miss it, she need to be sure she sees the arm tick over, and then listen to the load:dong dung dong. She knows it is silly to be here every hour on the hour, but she has arranged her life quite easy around the fact that she needs to be back at every hour. Make sure she is only ten minutes walk from the house, 5 minutes drive, and never ever further that the towns border.

The clock is big, with ancient carvings down the sides of its belly, the belly is made of glass and you can see all the Bron's cocks and it turns and jingles and moves as the minutes moves past. It stands on the top floor of the mansion, its been here for generations. When her mother passed away her mother told her to never miss and hour. She could remember as a child playing with her mother, and then all of a sudden her mothers eyes would lit up in fear. She would leave her with her dolls and run up the stairs. Therefore she will never ever disobey her mothers last wish that she guard this clock with her own life.

The years past and Anne never really got married, she was in love with the handsome Richard that lived on the vineyard at the far end of the town. He was such a gentle lover and she could imagine being is wife and bearing his children. He could not stand the way they had to arrange everything to fit into an hour, and the fact that Anne had to rush back home to see the arrival of another hour. He did leave her after two years of love, two years off suffering and two years of anger. They did have a little baby girl but he had left before she could tell him and she raised Anke by herself. She never got over him, she never wanted another man. He also did not get married and he lived out his days on the vineyard with a dog called, Casha.

Anne turned 70 and after years of following the hour she now needed to know the reason for guarding this clock. Her mom did tell her once as a little girl that there is a letter in the belly of the clock, but her mother also warned her to be prepared for what she will read there. She never felt the need to know but today on her 70th Birthday she wanted to explore it.

She went up the stairs and as usual it moaned under her feet. She walked with fear and excitement. Maybe she can figure out not too look at the clock every hour maybe she can time it to only watch it like every three hours "that would be heaven": she said out load. She stands in front of the clock, she needs to do it now, there is only 45 minutes left to the next hour. She opens the glass and takes care not to disturb the intestines too much. The letter is old and yellow, her hands shaking now, she needs to open the pages with care.

The letter is stained in yellow and the words glide over the pages:

This should not be read by the faint at heart, your intention needs to be pure and filled with love for this here clock.

She looks up at the clock she does off course adore it, its been part off her life all these years.

Here'th is the end off eternity, there is no other light. The creator of dark is captured in this clock. If it is not looked after on the hour every hour. The dark horse will RISE, and his pain and suffering will be brought to this earth in worse form than ever before. The skin will be taken off all those alive, their eyes will bleed in boiling blood. The darkness will come over the earth like a black blanket. All will suffer together like the dark Lord intends. You will cry but none will come to your saviour, you will cry but there will be nothing that can sooth your pain. It will be like dying with death never arriving. The clock was in trusted to our family for I was the white knight who entrapped this darkness within the clock on this day in my life. I know it will be a burden on the men seeing they need to provide to their family so each generations woman must look after this clock. Woman are also caring, they do not forget and they always nourish their family. They will be perfect for this most important task. My dear if you are reading this you must be 70 today, and you must have offered so much in your life to look after humanity. All humans may not be thankful, but I thank you for not killing the human race. For this is a terrible faith if it is to be opened.

She putts the letter back in the belly, and she looks up the hour did arrive and she watch it pass. Anke calls from the kitchen, she walks towards the door, she turns around and look at the clock. She smiles and walk away waiting for the next hour to arrive.


Sunny Gecko said...

wow wow wow... I really loved reading that... you are truely gifted in the art of writing.

Marra said...

Kill!!!!!! Kill!!!!!!! Oh sorry...this made me leave my world and got lost in your post...But tell long will we wait...?
Give us more!!!!!!

etain_lavena said...

hihihihihi.......Im being inspired so I will try and write as often as I can.
Thanks allot!!

Anonymous said...

hey drizzy...apparantly kan ek blog solank dit net as anonymous is..whahahahahah (thanks lee) baie mooi stukkie, jou blogs het 'n manier om mense in 'n warp in te trek, dat dit regtig voel of jy reg daar by daai outannie en anke is, en asof jy aan die klok kan vat. dit is 'n talent wat jy nie moet waste nie skat. baie mooi.

etain_lavena said...

Dankie baie, ek wardeer!

NICKNAME said...

i'd love to see this taken further, your writting surges effortlessly and taps into one's imagination so naturally that the reader is immersed into your world! I love it!! You can easlily become one of my favorite writers if you carry on like this!! get your hands on a writer chuck palahniuk i think you'll really like his stuff. excellent Baby!!

etain_lavena said...

thanks Nick, Will have to get some books.

lost said...

sjoe skat.. i see the insperation..

sit neer die boek!!!

etain_lavena said...

ek kan nie neersit nie, dis aan my hand vas gegroei....whahahaha