Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The forest

The woods talk in languages unknown to us. The wind talks to the trees and share their secrets of far off places. Everybody dreams of the forest they say. Everybody dreams of having a wooden cabin in the here. The trees are fascinated by the fact that anybody wants to stay among them.

At night it is dark and gloomy, they are old and sore and they make crackling noises. The owls go hunting and they see death everyday. They loose their branches to lightning and age, you can hear the birds crying miles away. They do not talk like they use to, because if you have lived next to your neighbours for hundred of years you run out of topics. You do greet each other everyday, and moan about all the pain in your lower back. Then they all just spend the day listening to the wind. The wind told then that there is a woman on her way, a witch of some sort the two legged walker he says. They are not quite sure what a witch does anymore, they haven't seen one in over seventy years. The wind told them that she wears allot of jewels and crystals around her neck and wrists. The scent of lavender and sandalwood follows her with great admiration. She talks in strange languages and she can understand trees. That created a unsteady whisper among them, they do not talk too much because they need to know what the wind shares about this woman. She sings with the birds and share secrets with the owls. She also breathes life into all that is old and weary. This can help them a great deal! The wind also tell them that she asked with love and sweetness if they can build a cabin for her from all the old wood on the forest floor. The trees all frown upon the wind. She does not want it for free he blows, she will bring presents for all who help. She will know if you helped or not. The trees are all now talking at once, what to do, where to start. This can be good and bad, a two legged living with them. It's worth an effort for presents, they have not ever received presents.

They build for days on end, they tried their best to make it look as pretty as can be. They have never built a cabin and it must be extra special. They all start talking again, about things in life, they are the wise you know. They speak of things they have seen, things they have heard, and things they have felt. Late one night the wind comes trough them with a fresh scent of lavender and sandalwood. The trees all wake up with great amazement. She is here they whisper to each other, she is truly here. She goes into her cabin without saying a word to them, quite rude they say to each other. She is up all night making strange noises and singing strange songs. They all stare in amazement. Out of the small windows come flashes of light, glimmers of glitter. The trees are tired now and they really do not feel like staring at the spectacle anymore. They all fall asleep.
The morning comes with a sweet smell of rosemary, lavender and sandalwood. Their lazy eyes open and they feel so fresh and strong their old wood feels new, they have green leaves on every branch and they feel a hundred years younger. The witch comes out with a galloping trot, good morning my dear friends are you all ready for endless magic?



Donsie said...

Ek het van Pinocio se dae af al die begeerte om in n bos te bly. Dit moet die rustigheid wees wat mens jou net nie kan voorstel voor jy nie daar was nie.
Maar so nice soos die bos in die dag is, net so bang en vreesaanjaend is die bos in die nag. Die bos draai makliker as n manteldraaier.
Stunning stuk Boo. Ek het myself in die bos tussen die bome gesit nou. Lekker.

etain_lavena said...

dankie donsie.

lost said...

i need to introduce you to enid blyton.. the faraway tree..


Flutopia Unchartered said...

very nice drizz...i love the choice of words and i love the tree shot too..very artistic

etain_lavena said...

Yay were going to the Faraway tree tralalalala..
@ Flutopia....thanks