Wednesday, November 08, 2006

die seer wil oop

sleeeep sleeeep
die swaer dra van verlange
gaan stadig nie berus nie

draaa draaa
jy dra jou sorge self
ek is nie so vuil nie
ek was nie so rein nie

kraaap kraaap
die wonde sal wel begin bloei
die seer sal stort op stof
sal verdamp tot niks
die verlede is die eiende

Ek kort 'n nuwe begin


Marra said...

What you need is 3 weeks alone with your man. I sometimes forget how lucky I am being close(closer then 3 hours drive) to my little miracle. I know my species are not too good with letting their partners know the inner feelings. But I can make the following statement with full believe and certainty…

He misses you. A lot. The only thing that keeps him sane is his work. I know that I will take on a lot of work to help me cope with my longing hart. But I don’t forget, I just zone out to keep me sane. Strange how your word describe so much how a lot of people feel. You give us words to explain feelings…
W O W!!

etain_lavena said...

Ag thanks Marra.....I just know what my words feel like that's all...hihih...I miss my Wes everyday, and it is so hard, he works so hard and he is so good at what he does. I am proud off him and I treasure every small piece off time I get to spend with him.
Thanks for reading Parratjie