Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Swart en Wit

Black and White

Die wit van die swart die blou van die rooi
Hoe ken mens die kleur van ander se hart
Ek is die begin van die nag
Die wit word gelek deur die donker se tong
Ek is die geel wat jou son omkring
Ek is die pers wat jou hart na smag

Die grys is ons middelgang
Die wit is jou kant
Die swart is my hart
kan die kleur van liefde red
daar is ‘n begin van swart
daar is tydlik ‘n einde in wit

Swart en Wit

The white of my black, the red maybe blue
How does the colour of another’s heart feel?
I am the start of your dark
The white will be licked with a dark tongue
I’m the yellow that lines your sun
I’m am the purple your heart will lust for

The grey is the path that binds us
The white is on your side
The black is my heart
Can the colour save love?
There may be a beginning of black
There is only a short lived end in white


Gremlin said...

HEHE Drizzy I don't know how but you almost always do the things of what was in my mind when I give the words!

But me like it!

etain_lavena said...

well I do not know how I know what you want, I don't think how you could have known how I would have twisted this one.
But thanks grem