Monday, October 02, 2006

One small thing in time!

One small Thing.
(Gremlin’s wording, only smally mine)

There was once the beginning of the end. It was such a multi colourful state of mind to be in. Between insignificant times and plain moment one small thing was born. It did not change the times it did not help anything. It was only there for brief moments at a time. Changing the kaleidoscope from none to more. The night came the day moved. The shadows overthrew the light. We knew it was a trying time, we knew the end of now, was maybe the start of later. The moment moved closer the days sweated pure joy. This is now our small saviour, our moment in truth.
You merely a spectator to the beginning of small colours. Do you need to know its near, do you need to touch it in time?
What’s done is over, and the begging is timely near.


SaM-GiRL said...

Ek het baie benoud gevoel toe ek dit lees...... amper so asof die musiek van jaws innie agtergrond gespeel het...heeheehee

etain_lavena said...

wel solank jy bang was,moet nou net nie vanaand slapelose nag he nie asb.....hihihi

SaM-GiRL said...

farken hell, ek belowe niks nie

_Vee_ said...

uhm...ek soek my mamma!!!!

Gremlin said...

mmmm Lovely. I like Drizzy!

I love the way your stuff go's in to my head. It just always seems to fit in there! Mind, Body and Soul, I love your work!!!
You've got a twisted mind and I like it!!

Anonymous said...

Twisted is right, You need help.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks gremmie, Vee jou mamma sal kom belowe.