Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How strong you are

The might of power may not be cruel
The pain of blood is freeing you
The pain of red may be the end
The end of now may be your start

How strong you are
So based on blood
Flowing through the streets
Please scratch my skin
I need to see the flesh inside

I am merely me,
You are merely us
We belong to them
Between coloured blood
in mud, our feelings rise
in dark we are no-one
in light we are burnt to ashes

how strong you are,
to let me bleed
how strong we are,
to let them die

how strong was I,
to see the end


Gremlin said...

Freaky babe...

O the wonders of pain, many think your crazy, many think you sould not me but none of them understand the pure plesure of pain, when you just cant take it anymore from our wonderful word, pain is always there to help. Just to see the blood pore and feel the burning sensation where your skin is torn apart and the flesh is climbing out. Ooooo it feels so good, so pure and so addictave, just always want more and more and more....

Warning: pain is addictave!


etain_lavena said...

The power, the pleasure, the pain.

_Vee_ said...
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SaM-GiRL said...

Is this piece about self mutilation?

etain_lavena said...

Yes in a way!