Thursday, October 05, 2006

Almost last of phrases provided by you


Tot ter man aangenaam in kennis
Totter man jy is die man wat dalk net kan
Totterman as jy kan
wil jy my vang

Tot ter man is skaars ‘n man
Totter man het ‘n klein ou slang
Totterman vee nou jou snotters af
Genot geensins gewin.

Pointing can be hazardous to you health:
(Marra provided FIRST four phrases needed my own heading)

*Pointing at Godzilla*He's a fag beater,Get ur bat boy for the batty boy! ('Coz his dangerous)

O Batty boy you might be a chatty boy
But I need the ratty down the panty.
Pointing at Godzilla, no need for your head then
He’s a fag beater, you’re the cheater
Come be the ratty, batty boy
Your head will be chewed of,
all was done for the monkey’s

My words provided by you is nearly used up, please provide more words and even pics if you want to.


Gremlin said...

Will do so friend! Just give some time and you list will grow!

etain_lavena said...

ok kokie

Gremlin said...

Eks nie n koekie nie, LOL

etain_lavena said...

nie koekie dit Ko Kie

Gremlin said...

hehe just wanna strip your soul abit

cathrine the gr8 said...

new words -
you will wonder, i will know
you will search, i will find

Mau said...

hies woord vir jou

Anonymous said...

the relativity o Y=mC square

Gremlin said...

Black and White
Good and Bad
Fallen Angle
Broken Dragon

hehe Use it if ya want to!!
Waiting for the next!