Thursday, September 28, 2006

Writing provided by you!!

Should have known.
(Catharine should have known the words is timely mine)

Should have known they would not understand the finer detail in the end. They always just stare and mistake my notions for ignorance. They would never understand the voices inside me, just makes me different not crazy. I am one with the voices they keep me sane. I am not sorry I am not what you wanted, I am not sorry I will never be the mortal I should have been. I should have known I will never be enough in you twisted unperfected world. See me here and understand my beauty is from within and the voices make me believe it to be true. I am the king of my world; I am the passion that drives all. They keep me company in the turmoil that we call existence, they talk when no one listens. I should have known we all will be judged for something that no one really understands.


Gremlin said...

Uhmmm Very nice but abit confuzing.
I think I know why, I think I know why but not sure why like this.

The voices are there with all. Some just hear it and some not, Some just ignore! Listen and you will hear, Listen and you will understand, Listen and you will belive!

Great peice Drizzy!

etain_lavena said...

Thanks gremmie, we all mst listen but often we don't.

cathrine the gr8 said...

sonds like we have something in common. i know the voices from inside(but dont tell anyone)

etain_lavena said... voices seem to keep me Sane.
Your secret is save with me and the other people that read this blog...hihihih

SaM-GiRL said...

lol.............those God damn voices!