Thursday, September 21, 2006

Third Piece

Superficial "humans" and their sheep followers.
(Marra’s idea, My Creation)

Bhah bhah,
Marry had a little lamb (and a few sheep) the fleech was dabbed in pink and every where that Marry went the sheep was sure to go. Now Marry had a tight little ass, and boobs that made you stare, all the little sheep did like, they knew Marry was a sex bomb dressed up o so sweet. Marry was a rotten heart who made them all just drool, they had no idea they had any idea at all. They never saw the light.
The flu set in the sheep was sad, their minds where wrapped in filth. Now Marry did not help them much she just wanted her follower’s right back. So she flashed her perky boobs to the local vet and right as rain he fixed them up (free of charge I need to add).

Bhah bhah,
Marry had a little flock they all where dabbed in pink now every where that Marry went the flock was sure to go.


Marra said...

Oh my goodness...You've captured my idea and made it great! This is nice one. But our parallel thought is scary, kewl, but scary. :-)

Are you reading my mind? If so get out please. It's not for you to view. :-)
I like your pink thought...The simile is scary!!

etain_lavena said...

I cant help I just get the picture in my mind and the words just form.....this is fun fun fun!

Gremlin said...

hehe and again great stuff.
HAHA marra watch out, I've also had it before taht she reads minds, seen it happen!

Good Stuff Drizzy

_Vee_ said...

Nice twist on that fable!


SaM-GiRL said...


Anonymous said...

OH PLEASE!!!! THIS IS SHIT!!! Your sentences dont make any sense! it sounds like you're a little hyperactive toddler! going on and on about some shit!

etain_lavena said...

Anonymous: Shame did you sit and read every post of mine, must have been agony, luckily this is my see you in hell, I will be the daemon whipping your sorry ass.
Thanks for reading my sorry excuse for a blog, don't visit again you are not welcome here.