Friday, September 22, 2006

Seventh edition

(Hidden by Johan, tried to expose by me)

When you hide behind your fear, you will never reach your potential. It will always be next time, and next time will never be.
Hidden talents are that that make you, you!
You might think that something that you do easy without any taught is nothing. You might make others feel welcome, your smile and sweet heart may light up a room. You might be funny without even trying. So find your hidden talent and tell me please, lets all share a bit of ourselves with the world. (Let’s sit around the fire and sing songs….hihihi)

We all need to get to know ourselves better work on that hidden talents and not hide behind our fear.

What makes you, you?


Gremlin said...

Well I can tell you, but then I would have to kill you..... but hell I'll never know who has read this so for that I'll keep it in my self.

Before every one thinks I'm weird Freak! Don't want ppl to be scared of me as I'm a loving person. hehehehe

etain_lavena said...

hhhhmmmm...FREAKS WELCOME HERE.....hellloooo who's blog is this? wacky see hiding behind things...Fcuk the pl we are the ppl....hihihi

Gremlin said...

HEHE True.

But there's a few ppl reading this block, Thats everyday in my life. Rather don't want them to know.