Saturday, September 09, 2006

The minute

Insignificant fraises, that means nothing over time. I have had the profound feeling of belonging. The place that I feel at home is behind me. I am merely a mortal. I have seen a lot of things that others would not dream off, I have felt fear that need not be dwelled upon. In time it pass, in time you need not feel the same as today. Yesterday was the only minute you felt perfect and tomorrow might be the only beginning.
I am only here for a few years, this soul need to learn the taste of life, need to decide where it needs to go. Was the blood dripping trough my body as it was dripping down in life. The minutes are like the molecules we breathe in, it passes trough our bodies. I am not the one who started this life and who I am now will not end this life.
We change trough our surroundings, we build relationships with others if we see a bit off ourselves in them.
Words build sentences, to make conversation with strangers. Meaningful words are often lacking in a meeting of new friends. Where do you belong between words, between the minutes in time? Is this your minute? Who would accept you as a friend?


Gremlin said...

The wonderful time factor.

You never know what will happen and you never know when will be the best second of your life. I got a good Idea when it will be just dont know when or if it will ever happen.

Today might be the change of your life for success or not. Tommorow you might survive or not. Yesterday might have been te last.

In the end of the story you never know what will happen and take every chance you get to make your life wonderful.

"Good things happen to those who wait, But the exellent things might all ready be taken by then."

greendemon said...

This is way too deep - or obscure, or both - for me. Have you considered making your fortune in philosophy?

SaM-GiRL said...

Once again amazed by your use of words.