Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meaning of life

Get psycho, I wanna get psycho

Wanna get psycho
Run you little bitch
I want your power glowing, juicy flowing, red hot
Meaning of life
It’s not enough to have a little taste
I want the whole damn thing
Now can you dig it
Need to get psycho
I want to hear you say it
Say you want it, need it
Don’t wanna wait until we finish the show
It’s not enough, you hunger for more
You’re one twisted little fuck
And now you wanna get psycho with me
Decide(give in, give in, give in) decide


SaM-GiRL said...

sometimes it feels good to just give in, and lose it!

greendemon said...

Now that's more like it!

I like this album, but I enjoy The Sickness even more - they show some real anger in that one.

Few bands maintain the same style over the years, and it's only the really "good" bands which keep their fans happy with each album they bring out. Disturbed is hanging in there, in my opinion, but I hope their next album is more like their first ones.

etain_lavena said...

Well my pic is from the new album, the song is from The Sickness;-)

greendemon said...

My mistake :) The song didn't register in my mind, except for the trend of "hate kill kill disfigure kill".

Gremlin said...

Hay Babe.

Missing you!!!!!