Sunday, September 03, 2006

Krap in ons liefde

Sonder hom is ons niks nie
in ander se woorde verdwaal jy
geniet die smagting tussen ons
verhard jou hart teen hom
jy die een wat sy waarde verloor het

in tyd het liefde geloop
die liefde in woorde
in waarheid gevind
my hart het syne gewen
en jy het in droogte verloor

ons genot het geen venster in jou oe
ons liefde het geen mag in jou hart
jy sal verdroog jou siel sal verval
maar nooit weer mag jy aan hom raak
want tussen ons is geen woorde
tussen ons is liefde oorwone


greendemon said...

I hope you see your BF again soon (if only to stem the tide of saccharine poetry).

etain_lavena said...

If my sentimental poetry bothers you so much, why would you bother reading it? O yes your the picture dude(you said nice pic on my previous blog and nice pic on Sam's blog too.) If you dare to ask met to stop anything, you must be able to elaborate.

SaM-GiRL said...

yeah, i dont understand these idiots, they claim to "hate" the blogs they read, but still they read it every single day. nice poem skank!! mwah.

Marra said...

Hahahahahahaha...I hate it when they do things's not fun you know....*wink wink*

greendemon said...

Clearly, certain of your blog entries must hold some sort of attraction for "this idiot", otherwise he wouldn't keep visiting. Eh?

(As for elaborating on my comment: no. If you don't know what the adjective "saccharine" means in the context I used it, too bad.)

etain_lavena said...

Well I am sorry I did not swallow a dictionary. I will go on my hind legs if it feels like someone would want to insult me. If you read my post about my temper you would know that I have "passion" in everything I do.