Friday, September 22, 2006


"What does it mean to be loved?"
(Words outerd my muse, love given to him for eternity)

"Life is the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table"

Lips touching briefly. The moment of truth, the power, the pleasure all wrapped in one. Moments are ours, can moments be freezed as we live in our love.
Without you I am none, without you I am lost. You brought light to my darkness. The barrier around my heart was steel and sealed for none too enter. The softness of your love broke all barriers down. You make my heart sing trough the day, my dull hate for all that was life was swept away in that perfect moment our eyes and souls met. Love is what makes most of us need, feel, sing, and dance. We all look for that special someone; we all need to feel love.

What does it mean to be loved is a pleasure that words can never explain.
Look into my soul the perfection will be explained your answer will be clear.

PS: There is no sunshine when he’s gone…….


Marra said...

Heheheheheh...Ek hou van jou challenge...Kyk in my oë en kry jou antwoord. Go Wes!! Go Wes!! Dankie vir Wes vir sy bydrae!!

Ek dink nie Wes sal enige iets wees as in sy skik nie!

Gremlin said...

This is very true, Drizzy.

Lovelly writen. Yo go!

etain_lavena said...

fanks julle ouens....Ai daai man is my hart se die hele hart...hihihihih...