Friday, September 22, 2006

eight last for this week!

Shooting the star.
(marra's star might be different than mine)

Take the gun,
Pull the trigger
Bang, bang, bang.
Now it’s dead
Now it’s gone.

Take the pistol
Make me stop
Bang, bang, bang
The blood is spoiled
My hearts enough

Take my ammunition
Take it soon
Before the star is shot too far
Before I wish upon this star
Before my death
Is part of you live

I did it for you
(Catharine’s doing, etain’s brains went on fire)

I did it for you; I did not hesitate one minute.
You now the sorrowing soul, crying for hours in tears.
I did it for you, why would you not see me there.
You just weep and think no one will see.
I did it for you the smell is still fresh, you just looked away could stomach the pain.
I did it for you, I cannot sleep I cannot breath it will come to get me it will be here soon.
I did it for you the crushing bone the pleasurable flesh.
I wanted to be the one you will always love.
I did it for you she is now gone, you my dear soul is lost in the puss.
I did it for you the moment was lost, I did it for you, you bastard give me a glance.

I did it for you; the police did find the knife in my hand, the blood on my soul. Now you are free and I am enslaved,
I did it for you, but you knew I would in the end!


Marra said...

Hmmmmm...Why for ar u having a gun?
Backing away before the star fun starts? So soon. Why for art thou shooting "your" star? For the idiots out there...Difference between my love, my star and my dog. :-)

No I'm not questioning your as always...questioning your motive. But I guess that's not applicable. Hahahahahaha....wots this?


A phucking parrot, but it's not applicable!!!

etain_lavena said...

Parratjie you can question my work, your ideas make mine grow.
My motive is sometimes unclear to me too like I said I just get the idea and my fingers know the way too my brain. I sometimes even say good mother of Mary where did that come from.

CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC.........might be a witch on her broom passing by say cccccc ya in after life...hihihi...seeing that you are standing she is moving sound got lost.

Gremlin said...

"Shooting the star". Very good, haha motive well thats just you. LOL

"I did it for you". I love it, love the blood, love the motive, love it all. Darn you just got some of my feelings out on the board!

etain_lavena said...

Shoot all to shit who gives a hoot, I will feel the pleasure of the dull moment of silence, that need not fill my soul.

SaM-GiRL said...

Its scary what we will do for men..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, you sound like a lonely soul looking to only hurt people, if you knew this person who wrote this you will know that she is caring,warm and soulful, she even feels sad that a human like you most properly do not have any friends and being ugly is the only way of getting any reaction shame on you.About the spelling, you can spell as you wish if you are the poet the words is your own or did you not know that either???? All I can say the line between love and hate is so thin you can hardly see it. GET A LIFE and leave genuine people alone to LIVE and not stagnate!!!!!