Tuesday, September 19, 2006

19 Sep. 06

Today is a great day: there where many event and many people born on this day.
One very cool thing that is connected to today is international talk like a pirate day.
This fits the main person of this blog dedication like a glove seeing that he does a mean pirate impression (mostly when he is tipsy). More about him later!
Also on this day in1982 the emotioncons :-) :-(, was introduced and all of us know how we love these little faces. ;-) If you want to read more about these events go to Wikipedia.

Now people born on this day are also fascinating.
1)Antoninus Pius (0085): he was the 15th Roman Emperor
2) Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709): English writer and everybody who knows me know I love love writing and reading.
3) Lord Berners (1883): English composer
4) Dee Dee Ramone (1905): Bassist for the Ramones.YE punk rule.
5) Lesley ‘Twiggy’Lawson (1949): One of the most beautiful women known in our time.
If you want to read more about famous birthdays go to www.historyorb.com/today/birthdays.php

Now we get to the most famous person in my life, he is the one who I love with all my being. His name is Wesley Jones he was born on this day in 1981.
He is an amazing person, he is funny and witty, handsome, hot, and he has eyes with soul and a heart of gold.
So today I want to say is happy birthday to my sweets, may all your dreams come true. Thanks for being such and amazing human.
Love you lost like jelly tots.


_Vee_ said...

Avast, ye scurvy scum!!
Happy bday ye bilge rat!

SaM-GiRL said...

hahahahaha, happy birthday to wes!

Anonymous said...

thank you all for the birthday wishes greatly appreciated and to my love you are too precious love you lots my babe

Gremlin said...

Happy B-day Wes!

Darn this september is just getting bigger with the b-days. LOL
Knowing 18 peeps now in this month!
And to all the Virgo's you rule!!!!

Marra said...

Hahahahahaha...Happy Bday Wes. Hope you have lots and lots more!

Grem, more then 38% of our employees birthdays are in September! Work back nine months...Christmas and New Years are special days... *wink wink*


Camping at the end of December is kewl, but first week in January there's nothing much to do...

Soz...Am I being a Marra Parra again? *frown*

Marra said...

Lol @ Vee...
die...die you pirate die....

I wonder how much software will be pireted today?

Gremlin said...

HAHAHA yeah Marra now that you put it like that. LOL, Merry christmas and a Happy new year to all Virgo's.


etain_lavena said...

hahahahah...what about the Virgin's....hihihihhi...