Wednesday, August 16, 2006


When I sit here thinking of why I am working and what I must do to fill my life, the answer is not so clear. To think I always am so adamant to make my live a success but what is that? To each person it is something different, we have been programmed since we where babies to be an success. Have money I ask? A Family? Maybe a big house, pool?

I dont know, I spoke to a friend last night and he made me wonder what I'm suppose to do. I am a person that likes art, loves writing but I will sit in this job that keeps me nailed to a computer screen. I think I might be to adaptable and then I get comfort in my surrounding and forget that I swore to never be boring an predictable. What did I do: became boring and routine made me predictable.
(Luckily I am a bit crazy and I can amuse myself and others by just being different.) But now how does one get out off this slump? I need to think about this allot to get the answer. Sell all my possessions and get 2 goats and go stay in the Kalahari......wont that be grand!!!!

Well As I ponder this, I bid all a good day.


SaM-GiRL said...

yeah, it would be great if all of us could have the jobs that we truelly loved....but that just doesnt happen, not in reality. You either ALREADY have to have money, to do what you really want to do, or know somebody that knows somebody, and not everybody is born that yip, routine life is what we get, same old same old every single day till the day we die, or eventually get retired.

Gremlin said...

The aiming point of life. We'll I only know one person, who's a dear friend that's reaching what he wants. The man set out to do something about 2-3 years ago and now he's about half way. He's doing his MBA and exceeded the first part (How I don't know).

Every thing is possible, Darn I'm in a brand new carreer that I never thought I will do. But I actually enjoy it, It's defernt than all my previous jobs and the fun part it has no routine, Today it's this tomorow its that. Never ending oppertunities.

Make a point and just go for it. Thats the only way. Forget all about the whatif's that only stop you from doing what you whant to do.

Life your dream, It's possible.