Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The window on my world

I share driving privilege with one off my co-workers, petrol is expensive and I am still trying to win the lotto(maybe a plan to hand in my ticket). The week I drive we get home about half an hour earlier as to when he drives. How is that possible, speed, driving skill and sheer patience.

Speed: he drives so relaxed I would call it, I can see all the pedestrians, I can see what they are wearing even read their lips too understand their conversation. Lovely this new skills I am developing on a daily trip too work. In my case speed is something I use too my benefit, if you are going too drive like a old lady in front of me I will pass you by and you will see me disappear in the distance. Why go slow, live needs some speed.

Driving skill: My dear man to hit the same pavement everyday on the same Conner, drives me insane, can you not know that tomorrow I must just make my turn slightly bigger. Check your blind spot does not mean stop turn around and then go. Don't get me wrong this guy is sweet, I think I might just freak him out sometimes, I am as they say abit weird. My skill consist of taking the gap saying thank you/ sorry when needed and moving on. Some of male friends say I drive like a man.....if I drive like the man I share the car with I would rather chew of my own arms than drive like him.

Patience: Something I am lacking being a red head and having the fire off hell as a temper, I needed to learn the ability to bite my lip. He likes two certain songs and everyday we would listen too it on our way too work and on our way home. Aaaaarrrggg....he would skip trough loads of songs to get to those two and in the process I want to grab him by the neck and say dear sweet man, what are you doing? Well I think he must have lots of Patience with me seeing that he just clings to my passenger seat and stay quite and very still. Hey we get there faster.

Traveling circus has a new meaning to me, pedestrians are wonderful things too observe. And I solemnly swear not to kill any a man today.

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SaM-GiRL said...

whahahahahaha, as long as the two songs u keep listening to arent anything from the spice girls, or macarena, then im sure your fine!!! hahahahah! great post babe!