Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sick...Why me?

I do not have an immune system. I get any bug, flu, bacteria, fungi(OK turning the truth abit) that happens to float my way. My father would say its because I don’t eat meat. My boss says too many nights naked on wet grass (if only, my love stays over a kabizioilion km from me). Now I was extremely sick 4 weeks ago no voice barking like a dog. Today alas I did not sleep because my sinus saw it fit to block all passage to my lungs. Breathing is good when you sleep, and not being able to highly irritating.

I do take my supplements every day, I have a demanding life (sounds like ad won’t you say?). But looks like I am just peeing it out, how sad! I am sitting here with a blocked nose, puffy eyes, strepsil in the mouth, thinking my boyfriend is coming over in two days, I haven’t seen him in four weeks. Why don’t you just send me the flu, so I can be so unattractive as possible, very cranky, so he can see how ‘PRETTY” I can be….hihihi.

Well enough moaning I must just over dose myself and make sure I am as good as new when he gets here. Four weeks is a very long time to not see the one you love. It’s going to be wonderful to see my handsome man……yippy.


SaM-GiRL said...

The good thing about that is, when he does come, and see how sick you are, hes gonna pamper you alot. Now whats better than having your man take care of you?

Marra said...

What is better then a man care for you...I think a woman. :-) Just ripping... :-) I remember looking after this one chick that pushed liquid out of every bloody whole...Sick I tell you...but she survived. Why didn't I take her to a clinic or emergency room...She's even more stubborn then moi!

Her father gave me a pat on my back...Probably for all my pokken patience I
had. Or just to say thank you for keeping her breathing. Well guess what?
After showing her what the evil side of first aid can be. When she think there’s
a sneeze, she runs like Hell…so cute to see those legs pumping….hahahahahaha