Thursday, August 17, 2006


I think I need to mention my undying love for being pierced. I will pierce every inch of my body if it wasn't for the fact that I would sound like an ice cream truck when going trough the sensors on an airport...hihihi..Why do I do it, is every bodies burning question. The answer is simple I love it when I feel my skin being pierced nothing can match that exhilaration. Having something permanently under or through my skin is just something that I reeeaaaalllyyy love.

I had my fair share of piercings gone bad, and believe me when that happens you want to just cry, cause the pain is really intense. Like the time my boob turned blue...o my word I nearly had heart failure, nothing is so painful as getting the jewelry out of the painful bodypart..but not to worry all is fine now, both boobs happy and healthy. Luckily it healed!!!!!!
Now I again want to pierce something and the hunt begin, and what the perfect piercing might be. Have you ever Googeled Piercings......whoopa, got some wild one's there.
I got my first surface piercing after viewing the googled piercings.
All and all I have 8, and now I need a new one....hhmmm...where?

Does anybody have any nice suggestions?

Well we cannot forget the art of tattoo's, when one talk about piercings you always think how many tattoo's does this Chicky have. I have no tattoo's yet, I would love to get one though but faith does not want me to get one. I promise every time I am ready money in hand something goes wrong, like my bankcard didn't work that one sunny day. The pixie would have been on my back and now its still in the tattoo parlors ink pots. I think our dear lady faith knows that the minute I get my first one, I will one's again take it too far.....hihihi...obsesive compulsive...the obsession is pain, the compulsion is going back to be pierced.

PS Remember piercing suggestions I'll wear it with pride;-)


_Vee_ said...

You and I both, babes!

Love piercings! If it wasn't for my job, I wud've had my piercings still! Piercings are addictive... when I got my first one, I thought it was going to be the only one, but you just don't wanna stop! One, Two, aaargh whut about one more! hehe

At this very moment I have 2 piercing left! :( But still no tattoo! Love it, but don't think I'll ever get one! It's just so permanent!

Suggestions? Well, that depends on where that 8 existing piercing are!

etain_lavena said...

3 in the one ear(one of them trough little bone in front off ear)
3 other ear(one of them trough top of ear)
1 nose
1 surface piercing trough back of neck

Gremlin said...

haha the love for pain.

I think every one as that they just dont know about it. mmmmmmmm piercings not for me but tattooz o how I would love that.

But if I get one I'll look like a colouring book in a year. So I try to stop my self for as long as possible.

I thought about sespending also but I think that might be a bit to far.

I'm a freak but hell not like that but will like to know how it feels.

Marra said...

Pity your a woman etain_lavena, coz I think a prince albert would have rocked your world. I would like to get my metal detector and sweep you. Coz I think your hiding something....heheheheheh

How about a lip piercing? Or how about a surface piercing on the love handles...Men like to get a grip. Hahahahahahaha...Jeepers I want to comment on the smurfet blue...But I'll keep it in for now. *Don't scare the't...*

greendemon said...

How about a piercing down under? I've been told it feels great.

etain_lavena said...

Down under might feel great, but if it goes wrong I will never feel again. Not sure if I want to take the risk;-(.... I will consider it.(I have considered it allot over the last few years...hihih)