Monday, August 14, 2006


After this weekend between emotional pain and physical pain I'm set to understand what pain really is. We as humans have the ability to ignore it, our bodies have a natural painkiller it lets free, but sometimes it just ain't enough. To battle with some aspects off myself everyday and to ignore the fact that I have depression works well sometimes, but its the other times it comes too bite me in the hinnie.

I had a crippling(still have) headache the entire weekend, it is not budging, it is not moving. Feels like my brains are too big for my scull and if the top off my head is gonna pop off.. I slept 90% off my weekend.

What is pain? A definition would read as follows:Pain is an unpleasant sensation which may be associated with actual or potential Tissue damage and which may have physical and emotional components. Nice, but too me it just means sheer agony. To go to the Doctor is a waste off time they will give you meds here and tests there, and then the conclusion: we are not quite sure whats wrong but we will test again.

There is one true relief in all this terrible stimulus of pain and that is the body and brain's ability to forget. Its true, your body forgets do you think you would ever get back into a car, if you remember the agony off your foot being crushed into the metal and the class cutting into your legs. NO we all would be these scared little humans walking around to afraid to live.

So I would say what is pain a small irritant to let us know we are still alive, and we cannot deny its presence, we cannot let any aspect off it over rule our lives, we are not allowed to lie DOWN and let it bullocks with this headache and this pain in my heart next week its all forgotten.


SaM-GiRL said...

some inspirational words from a true inspiration............hehe

Just-ify! said...

Sam, if you only gave as good head as you do sucking up *grin* ;-)

SaM-GiRL said...

Justin, i will whoop your ass boy! dont make me!

_Vee_ said...

Luv it skat!

Very deep thoughts! made me think a little, damn do I hate doing that! mmmm....