Sunday, August 27, 2006

One good weekend

Everybody that knows me knows that this weekend I saw my boyfriend for the first time in four weeks. It was absolutely amazing, we spend some great time together and I learned more about his love for Lizards and snakes*kinda explains his love for me..hihihih*.

We went to a reptile Expo in Woodmead. It was really cool, but that’s one expensive hobby. There was snakes and lizards I have never even heard of not to mention seen. We walked around and looked at all the exhibitions. I followed Wesley in awe, and then all of a sudden I saw it, Spider webs in this tiny little cage. O good mother of Mary not one cage seemed like hundreds, and then I caught just a glimpse of the hairy Tarantula. Well that made me stand on the other side of the room, Wesley maybe even felt up the lady behind him thinking it’s me...hihihhhi. When he turned around to see where I was. He saw me in the far distance!!! That’s one thing I will not be able to handle near me as a pet.;-)

He then decided to buy a Amazon tree Boa(I think), the baby is only 5 months old and he is about 30cm meters long, black/grey with zigzags on. He like a warm atmosphere with allot of moisture in the air( very humid). Wesley said he never names his reptiles, but me and this angry little snake was standing in the middle of Hundreds of people, while Wesley hunted for a cage. I looked down at him, his tinny head rested on his tail, and I decided he will be called Hercules. I do agree it is not the most exotic name in the entire world but I really felt it suited him best.
He really is very very cute. One would think after about 45 minutes hunt for the cage we where done. That was only the start, not that I minded I loved the fact that Wes was like a little kid, his eyes all shiny and exited, plus I got the spend time with him. Now the hunt for heat pads, heat lamps, thermometer, frozen pink rats and tweezers started.

We did eventually get everything by 15:00 this afternoon (Sunday). The most difficult thing to find was the frozen pink rats, so Hercules is getting frozen baby mice instead.

Wes left my house at 17:15, Hercules on the front seat with the seatbelt around his glass terrarium. All the heating gear in the boot and my heart in my shoes because I will miss my Wesley, and now I will miss dear Hercules too.

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Gremlin said...

Hay Babes.

Yes the love for reptiles. I also love them but then I love my spiders too. So small and harmless, Gosh I wish I had one.