Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My soul needed to learn

You there staring, why do I not dare look away? Between mirrors doors and frames I am just the lost soul seeking comfort for my scars and salvation for my heart. I only live to see you staring at me. The image that always haunt me that follows me like a hunger driven animal, ready for the blood that I pour onto the soil.

I am transparent you know me before I could even find myself. So patient to study my pain, so condescending in the lesson you share. Pain I know most my life, I fight my battle against darkness, YOU WILL NOT TAKE ME. Dragging, me closer to suck all life from me. Always staring, Should you not fight for me?
There is said that all humans will die alone that everybody will meet their hour alone.

Not me, you will stare and enjoy my suffering. You will pick at my body too see what you can take for yourself. Nothing ever satisfies you, your hunger never filled. Off all the souls you could choose, why did you dare choose me. I am not weak, frail or needy, therefore am I the chosen one? Follow me to the end of my breath.

You are me in many ways I also try to suck the soul from the one I know best. The words will always drip from my lips. To complete this journey you need to become one with me. We need to stop this hate I must see you in the reflection and enjoy the face staring back at me. To suffer my dear soul is to feel your departure, please forgive me for not being able to see your true intensions. I was lost in the dark; I forgot myself there and expected you to stay there too. Trough this journey I found myself. I might have lost some pieces along the way but I will grow back the parts that got lost in pain.


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very very nice!!!

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You realy touched me there. I love it, Do more of this.

Great pic choosen for the piece.