Friday, August 11, 2006

MUSIC created its own life

Even if your just a plain introvert with no music taste what so ever you will always remember one song that made you dance when you where a kid. Mine I'm sorry to say was by Dianna Ross Heart attack...and apparently I would stand on the back seat and get a heart attack....aaahhh, so sweet. My music moved trough the 80's with a passion for sining along and knowing words to songs I even hated. Therefore I have a mp3 player in my might think I am lying over emphasizing my ability, but if you knew me you would see what I say is true. My music taste really moved from lovely Dianna, to a Chicky with the name Brodey, yes a punk band that as a female lead singer how freaken cool is that. The band the distillers. Punk is my passion and metal my inspiration, this girl knows how to rock. I can go on for hours about what music I like and what makes me tick. But the fact is that each person must find what makes them happy, sad, angry, passionate....and go with it!!!!

If you don't really like music, flippen wake up, spell the coffee, why would you deprive yourself from such and perfect art form.


Gremlin said...

O Yes Girl.

Music, Music is what drive's us to live. When your sad its most of the time that gay bands and stuff, When your happy its what ever make's you happy.

For me it's metal when Im sad to get me back on track and conspirrisie music to keep up my good mood.

Good luck with the blogs, and keep up the good work.

SaM-GiRL said...

girl, wanneer update jy wee biki man!

greendemon said...

Got any industrial/goth going? That's more my bag than straight metal.
Although, Within Temptation, Iced Earth, and Skyclad do have their good points.

etain_lavena said...

I Love my fair share of Goth, not always sure which geadre it belongs too. My problem is I know songs off by heart every word, but never know the song name or band..hihih.bad I know but thats me.