Thursday, August 17, 2006

Missing friends in far off places

Tonight I’m sitting here missing my friends that stay in far off places, the ones that I can always see, but the ones that are the closest to my heart. Let me tell you about the person I miss most his name is Julius and he is my soul mate in friendship, since we where very young he understood me before I could even understand me. When we where in High school we would spend the entire day in each others presence and then the minute we got home we would phone each other and talk for hours. When he moved to Impangeni I cried, when he moved to London I felt like I was loosing my best friend to the great big world. Not too worry we still talk often and I did visit him last year this time. Maybe that’s the reason I miss him the most. He is an eccentric person, we always said we where exactly the same he was just male….and liked woman in his bed. He is so happy there a British citizen now, he married a British girl.
He works in the Movie industry, one movie he worked on was the new James Bond, I think the other one was War of the World, and others which of the names I cannot remember. And he did Britney Spear’s hair and makeup one’s, when she was still famous (stage makeup, the cool one’s where they can make normal people look like gools, hihih, no offence Britney, ya right). But my point being he’s been doing my punk hair and makeup for years, stupid stars, armatures…hihih.

This brings me now to my favourite place in the entire world. Almost, first a bit off back round. The minute I got of the plane and met with Chanelle (my other good friend that stays there, married the only hot Englishmen I saw on my trip, his name is Michael). We where talking like a house on fire on our trip to their house in the country side. Had to tell her about everybody here and she shared her entire life with me. I stayed at their house for 3 days and then they took me to Julius. It was nearly tears of joy on both our parts. We also talked and talked for hours I met everybody that shared their two story house. Then he said Zan (my nickname he made up in Std 7): I will take you to the one place I know you would never forget and his words still ring true. My favourite place in the entire world is the Dali museum in London. Everybody took shifts to take me around the streets of London, but all knew they dare not take me to that museum. Then Julius took one entire day off and we went to the museum, he chatted up the receptionist to give us cheaper entrance(yes, he was married and yes he forgets, more that one’s that he was married, chatted a chick up in a club but your married she said while pointing at his ring, Of**** I am, I forgot. Every gem has their flaws).
Back to the entrance hall with the cute receptionist. We got in at student rates. I was so exited walking in was like walking into heaven. There where this quotes Dali always flung around written on glass and behind it was light and the quotes where played in audio while you walk trough the long hall. Then you got into the main hall endless artworks, sculptures, sheer brilliance where oozing from the walls. I cannot describe my pleasure in mere simple words. Dali lived in his own world and I’m sure those who where fortunate to share is life was only spectators to his wonderful insanity. He was eccentric, self absorbed, but no one can deny that he had talent way beyond any person’s comprehension. If I can choose two things he said it will be: There comes a time in every person’s life when they realize they adore me. You would say this man has a huge ego, go research his work; you will also adore him even if you hate his ego. The second would be: For me, love must be ugly, looks must be divine, and death must be beautiful.

We where in there for hours I wanted to just be in the presence of Salvador for ever but all good things must end. When we left Julius bought me this amazing book about the museum. Brilliantly called the Dali universe. I will never forget my moments in greatness.
I miss you my friend, be good, or be good at it. Hope too see you soon!


_Vee_ said...

tis is kinda sad!

sniff sniff!

Marra said...

Wow Boo...I wanted to rip this post but guess what...I started to feel sad for all my friends in far off places.I miss Daleen. She got married in England with a South-African lawyer. They had a beautful wedding with a space cake...yes....cake with dagga! And she wore this beautiful Braveheart woman look-a-like dress. in her hair. And I missed it all. :-(

Luckily you have us here to keep you
company. If you'll have us of course. And I can't speak for the others but I'll stick to the darkness...just to jump out and give you a mild heart attack. :-) You know me... ;-) Mail your friends today and tell them of all the idiots that want to take their place.

greendemon said...

Tell me about "distance" relationships, of any kind. They suck.

I've made a few friends here in northern Europe but I miss mine in SA like hell.

Btw, where does your nick originate? "Tin goddess"?

etain_lavena said...

Greendemon: Most my weird names are from Mythology, Etain is Celtic, means of the horses and stands for goddess of horses(healing,fertility,beauty)
Lavena: Roman, she was the daughter of Kind Latinus, there is not allot written about her but the name just caught my attention.