Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Having a short Temper

I have red hair as I am sure most you off you know. I have the fire of my temper that lives in it. I don’t know why I get worked up so easy, but I guess that’s why it is called a short temper. I do try too keeping it tamed but I guess there is no way one can tame a run away fire.
I would call it passion. I have a lot of passion when I get upset. I wont do bodily harm to anyone, I might use some words that woman are not suppose to use.(who cares this is my world)

My answer to that is that you either love me or we don’t get along but in most cases I get along with all humans, animals, vampires, dwarfs, fairies(excuse me if I left your specie out, loos your temper, I know you want too). If you are rude, Ill just fix your sorry ass. I sometimes wonder how people can just stay calm in any situation; here at work when I loose my temper my one colleague says he can see I’m on fire what’s wrong. Then I just let it al out like a house on fire:# &***8(^&^$%&^%*&* PIEP*

Strange how we use fire to describe these thing’s, I think that when fire starts it cant calm or sooth itself, it needs to finish what it set out to do. That’s why I need to get it out of my system or it will burn me from inside.
My passion runs deep, so I don’t really want to take this part of me out.
Seeing that without it I will only be half me.
It takes a special person not to bring out this fire; I haven’t felt it with my man. I guess he would just laugh at me anyway and call me a little shit. Love that too bits.
Well fire or no fire, we are all unique and if we where the same we would be bored to death.
So Burn Mother F*#*** BURN…hihihi…eksquezie


Gremlin said...

Well at least you know, Most off us loves you.

Anonymous said...

you are loved honey so much. your writings are beautiful and you to the tee. ha ha ha ha

_Vee_ said...

Love it girl!!

You have a unique way of putting things in words! Jus never get mad @ me, ok?! :D

SaM-GiRL said...

awwww, anonymous sounds like a real honey... wonder if hes single.. heheh! just kidding! great post skank!