Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beauty is in the eye off the beer holder!

Today I have to figure out what sexy, beautiful and attractive is. Not for any reason in particular, I was just reading trough comment on another blog and I was shocked at some of the comments around these 3 concepts.

My entire life I was told I was none of the above, I think it was just because my sister is so amazing in all three these factors. So I was a late bloomer when it came too these aspects. It is just you can try to fit into someone else’s idea of what they want, but you will never truly fit the criteria.

What is sexy? What is beautiful? And attractive?

Now my opinion is that you should find what makes you feel sexy. You should do what makes you feel beautiful and you must find yourself attractive. If you keep on putting yourself down and rely on others to form opinions around how they think you should look. You will always feel lack with in yourself. Not too say you must become vain. Just be a person that balance’s inner beauty with what you have outside.

Please give me your opinion on this matter.


SaM-GiRL said...

Im not a lesbo or any of that shit, but hun, i think your GORGEOUS... you know why...? coz we didnt meet face to face, we met through chatting on the net, and i really like what i saw in you. that is what beauty is for me! Ppl that are lowlifes, go for looks, but at the end of the day, it aint the looks thats gonna keep them happy, believe me!!!! BA-LEE-VE ME!!!

Marra said...

Sam...we all know ur an undercover lesbo. And that is why we luv you hun!It's time for you to get out of your closet and show us the money!Hahahahaha...just joking.'ll always find superficial dickeheads out there.Nothing against them. But they are out there.Money hungry, social status wannebe dickheads. But you know wot? They make it worth our while...Wot you may ask? Well...everything!

greendemon said...

To me, "Sexy" is like it sounds: sensual, red-hot, gasping, ready to rock.

"Beautiful" is a combination of the aesthetic attributes that I appreciate most.

"Attractive" is a combination of "beautiful", "sexy" with some intellectuality for spice.

Gremlin said...

Hay babe.

I have to agree with sam on the first one.

Beautiful, its not about how you look.
Beauty comes from in, thats your personality, Fun, Loving and incredible as you are so the person who denies your beauty - They don't know what they are talking about.

Sexy, Sexy is all just about the sex appeal. Definently not what would keep you happy trou out the years but unforchantly first imprestion.
And that you have to... But I'll like it more to say cute. Sexy sounds a bit like an sex adict.

Attractive, Have to agree with GreenDemon there. Its a combination of both. Personality and sex appeal.

End conclusion, Your Attractive.

VW Dawg said...

Hi there sweetness!!
I haven't met you in person or have the smallest clue what you look like , but just threw chatting with you I reallised how sexy you really are......What you told me and the way you chat and if that's you in the foto I'm spot on!

I don't have msn anymore. :(

etain_lavena said...

VW I wondered where you disappeared too. Miss our chats, we got along great. Yes that is me...hihih..*blush*
Please come and say hi and read my blog, I appreciate it lots.