Monday, August 21, 2006

The Accident called life

My sister, her baby and pregnant friend was in an accident Friday. Some idiot in a 4x4 slammed in the back of them. My sister said little Zhanteze was sleeping trough the entire accident, and therefore she didn’t get hurt at all. My sister’s pregnant friend’s back was just slightly sore but the Dr. said she and her baby are OK. My poor sisters back and shoulder muscles are bruised, and very painful and little Zhanteze does not understand that mommy cannot carry her around so much in this moment in time. That makes up for a lot of screaming on her behalf, resulting in my sister carrying her in agony.

Now the Idiot never even got out off his car, and he never even asked if the girls and the little one is Ok. My sisters car seem to have more that R20 000 worth of damage and the 4x4 the number plate was in half. Whoopee doo cry me a river idiot. Well he will pay, my sisters husbands best friend (hihih…sound hectic I know), He is a lawyer a damn good one. So if dear Mr 4x4 denies payment, they will see him in court.

Luckily all is fine and my sister, her child and friend are all fine.

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Gremlin said...

Hay there.

Sorry to hear, about the accident.

Wel good luck with the idiot, Hsd one last year that ramed into me and destroyed every thing, Wel my car was a write off. He also promissed to pay and the just disapeared. Tracked him down thou. Still revused to pay and got a lawer, No he has to pay according to the court, But still waiting, Has almost been a Year and are still waiting.

Hope your sister dont have to strugel as me. Good Luck.