Thursday, August 31, 2006

8 things he does not need to know?

I read in this month’s Cosmo that there is certain things your man does not need to know, and this got me thinking.

The 8 things they listed that you need not tell your man is:
1) I’ve slept with 53 people; something to do with the male ego and that they would not be able to perform after hearing that.
2) I’ve only slept with one guy: the fact that you as a lady are inexperienced in the wild side off life makes them worry apparently….

All good and well, so don’t say 53 and do not say one….hmmm…so what is the right amount let me think, how about that a good amount of experience, without being a walking porno slut?

3) I bleach my mustache: some men think that we just come out looking hot as hell without any work (what I do not think the men are naïve, I surely think they know we putt effort into being sassy and sexy?)
4)I have had a mildly embarrassing medical disorder: o gosh yes I do agree with this one, no one male or female wants to know about some or other tropical disease that made you vomit and poop at the same time, that’s just horrible.
5) I have slept with someone you know: ye I can see the worry and strain the poor guy will take if you slept with his brother, friend…..*is he better than him, does he make you all marshmallow when you see him now*, this Pandora’s Box need not be opened
6) I’ve slept with a famous person: Ag boohoo cry me a river, why not, if your chick slept with lets say Robbie Williams and she is now with you and she chose you above Robby I would say good on ya…..*pat on the back you sexy beast you*…ok not while you where in the relationship, cheating not pretty.
7) I’ve been single for 5 years: OK, I might have been a serial killer or a stalker, or I tested out some or other dangerous drug in a far off land, the side effect might be that I strangle you in your sleep, not to worry you wont feel a thing. I so see the relevance of this one, you?
8) I didn’t like you at first: hmmmm….well I believe first impressions last and then again his cute face, puppy eyes might grow on you. I do not know.

Now my question would be what do I not want to know about my man?
1) He dresses up in my underwear when I am not around?
2) He likes picking his nose….
3) He reads the news paper on the loo,
4) He still fantasize about his Std 6 maths teacher….ok, I also admit playing school can be entertaining, dressing up in my naughty school girl outfit might just make this fantasy about the teacher disappear.
5) He thinks I can loose a few Kilo’s…one off my exes actually said that too me, you must be kidding me Idiot, I did loose the few kilo’s it was him.
I am sure I can think of a few other things but I think the point is made.
My question now is what do you not want to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend?


SaM-GiRL said...

Honey, can you dress up like a man tonight, i feel like some tough love.....HELL NO MOFO!!!!

Johan Kruger said...


etain_lavena said...

Dankie J....Yes its true be true, but some things just complicate the brilliance off love> But I say what ever blows your skirt up, go with it...

Anonymous said...

That’s the spirit, if the man can’t accept you for the person you are drop him. Who needs a man nagging in your ear about how you do not look like one of those swimwear models.

Gremlin said...

Honnesty is the best policy.

If you have to lei to keep the relationship going, Well good luck then. If you dont like something about me, tell me. Just dont expect me to change. but would like to know.

Swimwaer models, No thanks! Dont want they might have the looks but there brains are somewhere I will not go.LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Babes.

Jy het my hooked om almal se "stories" te lees vir al joune en sam-girl.
Jy is regtig in die verkeerde beroep. Kan nie wag vir die volgende een nie.Dankie dat jy so great persoon is en moet net nooit jou mal persoonlikheid verloor nie.

etain_lavena said...

Ahhh....thanks Jo-deenkie....Grem,I don't think this is about dishonesty, this is about something that will gross you out about the person...??

greendemon said...

Truth is good, but diplomacy is even better. However, I'm a firm supporter of the idea that you shouldn't ask questions if you can't handle the answers.

If She asks me "do I look fat" my answer might be "no, but you shouldn't stop toning," or "no, your gym work has been paying off", depending on my opinion. (Note that I'm not even considering having a GF who doesn't work out; if I'm supposed to be in good shape, She should be working hard at her figure too. I get pissed at women who expect guys to be content with a pretty face.)

This is DrCox, signing off.

Marra said...

Proving superficial personalities is great. I like it when it is openly discussed and when someone admits to it. Dividing a relationship into you give and then I give is
so kewl. It makes life easier for the rest.

Nothing wrong with standing your ground, but the way it’s been done…brilliant!!!
Clap clap clap clap

Don’t you just love it when an egg head exposes itself? *wink to Boo*

greendemon said...

It sounds like you took my comment personally, so I assume you don't gym.

You seem to be under the impression that the woman is within her rights to say "I want, you deliver, and all will be well."
All relationships consist of "I do my part, you do your part." This is how life works, and once you realise it, you stand the chance of having a happy relationship.

(I should charge for this.)

Marra said...

What is this obsession with gym? Small dick syndrome? Do you have a Porch as well? Or Audi TT? As a matter of fact I do gym. I play squash as well. And I lost 27 kilo’s since last year. Ok since I began with power building I gained a few. Is that enough information or do you like too continue and date me sometime? I do not take comments personally. I don’t have time to spend my precious brain waves on crap. Except if it’s my own crap.

Dude…where do come up with your assumptions? What is the nr.1 rule of assumptions…come on…you know it…they are the mother of all…green “want to be” demons? Nope that’s not it…hmmmm…the mother of all…Ok you can admit it.
I’m never under impressions…always behind them or over them, never under it! This shit-head believe in giving. If you can charge for that crap, I need to start selling mine. Coz you know from my text above that my metabolism is twice as fast. Talking about crap, I never made assumptions of you. Please stop assuming me. You gave your opinion and I gave mine. If you have a brain fart now and then, you would come to the conclusion that it’s freedom of speech. And I have a lot of those by the way…it keeps things peachy.

If you really value a relationships with a girl, woman, granny?, you would know, and have thought about it, that any relationship needs 75% from each individual. Why? Coz it gives 25% extra cover to play with. That is just a figure…no facts. Before you start your stat analyses (Yes…get that calculator from your man bitch breast pocket). Whose part is who? What is my part? What is their part…Crap…there is no part. Both do more then you have to or just leave it there. No use trying. And no…I’m not going to charge for my crap. It’s free…No idiot…not cost free…free opinion…I might be so wrong that I may start to believe in aliens…but it’s a opinion. Stop trying to be a Dr. Phill and continue your opinions. Actually…you know what…pukkit…I have wasted my time…And I’m sorry for that. :-)

greendemon said...

You didn't waste your time - I laughed my ass off :D

Marra said...

Heheheheheheheh...Job done well then?
*wag his tail* Do I get a cookie?

*Deep breath* Thanks...enjoy the posts.

Louw said...

If you want a relationship that will last a lifetime, there should be Trust. If there's no Trust there is nothing, only 2 ppl living together(for now) until they find someone better/new.

If you can't trust your loved-one with all the gory details then you are living a lie towards them and you are holding back. Works both ways obviously. Now I don't mean you spill all the gory details over coffee on day, but as you grow together the other person should get to know you better and if s/he doesn't like it or cannot stomach it, then its better to cut-away early on. Anything less than a 100% commitment from both parties WILL mean trust-issues later on...